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Have you ever thought about who is behind those ads we see on websites? Who runs it and why?

The answer is Media Buying!

Media buying is the process of purchasing ad space on digital and offline platforms, like websites, YouTube, radio, and TV. With the help of our expert media buying team, we go through the media buying process and negotiate with publishers for ad inventory, manage the budgets, and optimize ads to improve campaign performance. While watching TV or scrolling our phones, we see many ads. These ads are placed by magicians called media buyers. Yes, the media buyers have the power to bring the brand in front of the target audience. We watch those ads and often, we place order to buy that product.


With all the advancements made, media buying is done in three ways:

1. Directly buy:

Directly buying refers to the media buyers buy a single website to showcase the brand’s products or services.

2. Network Buy:

Ads are placed in the network of sites to increase overall impressions.

3. Self-serve Ad Buy:

This kind of media buying allows you to have your account and place the ads as you wish.


Facebook ads

Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information. All these options can be selected via Facebook only. Once an ad is created, you will be notified about the effectiveness of that ad with exact budget spent during ad execution.

YouTube ads:

YouTube ads work with Google ads. YouTube ads have the call to action power. When it reaches the target audience, it convinces them to make quick decision and take buying action.

Search ads

Search ad is a marketing technique that places online advertisements in search engine results. It is also called Search engine Marketing.

Banner ads

As the name suggests, banner ads are image-based rather than a text-based advertisements. These are popular forms of online advertising. Banner advertising is done to invite the visitors to visit the brands website and take action. This is the most effective and trendy medium of online advertisement these days.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn Ads are executed while spending some amount on ads. It reaches to wider audience of social networks and encourages them to order. It is a very impactful advertisement method as it facilitates sharing content, information or news with the social circle in no time.

Instagram ads

Instagram ads are posts for which businesses can pay to serve Instagram users. It is also an impactful method of online marketing as compared to traditional mediums.

How Smart Media Buying helps you grow your business?

  • Media Buying is more cost-effective than traditional marketing
  • Media Buying helps to generate more revenue for business
  • Media Buying facilitates interaction with targeted audiences
  • Media Buying builds brand reputation
  • Media Buying earns people’s trust

Our strategy of Media Buying:

Suraket has a diversified team of digital media. Starting from basic promotion to the well-versed brand name, our experts facilitate you in every single step. Here is our simple strategy for media buying:


Research is not just part of media planning. As a media buyer, we get the answers to some questions, such as:

  • The cost of generating leads
  • The cost of placing ads to the relevant websites
  • Types of the ads
  • Display size of the ads
  • Budget of the client

Backup Plan Creation:

Backup plan saves from disasters. Having plan 2 is always a good idea specifically when you are planning a marketing campaign. Booked site, unavailability of space is the major drawbacks of plan execution. At Suraket, we ensure that our current plan is realistic and we have a contingent plan to tackle any unexpected situation.

Establish an Anchor:

Keeping margin while planning the campaign is a precautionary step. A homeowner in Islamabad is typically willing to spend more on a home than a homeowner in Sukkur, even if the Islamabad citizen moves to Sukkur. Understanding this principle can be helpful when leading a negotiation. If you are aiming to target a campaign at 10,000 per lead, this should not be your first bid. As the publishers will negotiate too, sharing less than 10,000 per head is a good idea to secure the next move.

Lead Generation:

Before beginning negotiation, we consider all the filters we would like on your leads. We don’t assume that we can adjust these after the negotiations.

Get It In Writing

As with all things, we get what we have negotiated directly into the contract. If the account director changes or emails get lost, we need an agreed-upon set of expectations we can point to.

Why us for your Media Buying:

Suraket is among the best digital agencies in Pakistan. Our clients’ reviews are proof of our hard work and tireless dedication. We offer media marketing services with exact insight every month, thus keeping you in the loop during the execution of our marketing strategy.

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